Mount Eerie – “Distorted Cymbals”

Pac NW champion Phil Elv(e)rum, prodigal tape-hiss troubadour behind the monumental Microphones LP The Glow Pt. 2 and myriad Mount Eerie recordings, has a new studio product for your consumption. It’s a 7″ called “Distorted Cymbals,” and while the sheet metal itself isn’t all that distorted, the bass and guitars are overdriven and lock in groove in proper K Records fashion. (The track was recorded by Calvin Johnson in Dub Narcotic Studio, also in proper K Records fashion.) Also, Phil’s voice still rings out like he’s sharing some mystical truth he divined while sitting by a foggy lakeside, which is a neat feature of basically everything he’s ever recorded. Hear it at K Records’ Tumblr.

The 7″ is b/w a Selector Dub Narcotic remix called “Anglepoise Cymbals,” and is due 2/7/12, if the world still exists.