The Horrors Cover David Bowie’s “Suffragette City”

Here we are with the Horrors, adepts of fashionable retro-rock synthesis, adeptly tackling Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust wham-bam-thank-you-mammer for Channel 4’s On Track… programme. It’s a live take, but recorded in LDN’s Metropolis studio with an ace mixer, something like a four-camera shoot, and a proper editing budget, so it looks and sounds as finely manicured as the band’s heads and record collections. The Horrors have one of the year’s best singles and videos in “Still Life“; here their Faris Badwan proves his Bowie’s almost as good as his Richard Butler. (And even better than his Bey.) Watch:

(Thanks for the heads up, We All Want Someone)

The Horrors’ LP from this year, Skying, is out via XL.