R. Kelly – “Shut Up”

R&B titan R. Kelly has been a bit quiet ever since he released his magnificent retro-soul album Love Letter at the tail-end of last year. He’s had good reason: He went through emergency tonsil surgery in July. But that surgery was apparently a raging success, since Kells is back in the business of letting us hear his honeyed coo and his batshit song-construction ideas. On his Twitter, he recently posted the new song “Shut Up,” a seemingly-freestyle riposte to everyone who doubted that his career might recover from that surgery. It is very specific! Listen below.

(via R. Kelly’s Twitter, via Vulture)

And in further amazing news, the R. Kelly autobiography, brilliantly titled Soula Coaster: The Diary Of Me, is slated for publication next year, published by Smiley Books. That’s the book cover above, and it’s enough to make me want to spring for the hard copy, rather than the kindle one.

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