Holy Ghost! Cover Ministry

The New York disco duo Holy Ghost! have just released their cover of “I Wanted To Tell Her,” a song by the pioneering industrial group Ministry. But the original song comes from Ministry’s 1983 With Sympathy LP — that is, from the era when they were still a simple synthpop group, from when Al Jourgenson was still teasing up his hair and shaving his face, before he started dressing like a postapocalyptic cowboy, barking through megaphones, and programming drums that sounded like the marching jackboots of Satan’s fascist army. The Holy Ghost! version, which features guest appearances from DFA buddies like the Juan Maclean and LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang, is smooth and faithful, and it’s also a welcome reminder that this particular era of Ministry existed. Listen to it below, and download it at Green Label Sound.

Shout out to everyone who bought a used copy of With Sympathy in ninth grade, and then got really confused that it didn’t sound even a tiny bit like “Jesus Built My Hotrod” and then just decided that there must’ve been two different groups named Ministry.