Dirty Projectors Bring “Cannibal Resource” To Letterman

After Dirty Projectors announced last night’s Letterman appearance, emails were sent trying to guess what they’d perform. Sure there is “Stillness Is The Move,” one of the blog year’s splashier singles and a huge curveball from a project that enjoys being relentlessly shifty. But something about sidelining Longstreth with that spangly but repetitive guitar line wouldn’t sit right. Instead the band redeemed our best guess in “Cannibal Resource,” which is Dirty Projectors’ most successful attempt at reconciling their fractured guitar/rhythmic/vocal turns with something approaching broader accessibility. (As we said when discussing Bitte Orca, it’s no coincidence this is its lead track — or that the album’s first lyric is so outward looking and inviting.) The band loaded into Ed Sullivan Theatre for a soundcheck at 4:30AM (as in, AM), so we can cut some slack to the girls’ ping-ponging verse harmonies not popping like they could. (That doesn’t explain Nat’s mustache, though. Fake zing.) But did they win any new fans with their network television debut? Tough to say. It’s just nice to see a band like this on network television.

Thanks for the upload, Perv. Bitte Orca is out and it’s good.