Mogwai Remix Rammstein

Well, here’s something nobody expected. The Scottish post-rock institution Mogwai have given remix treatment to “Mein Land,” a new song from the long-running German shock-metal band Rammstein. Mogwai and Rammstein, of course, don’t have a whole lot in common. They’re both white, and they both use guitars, but that’s about where the similarities end — unless I haven’t heard about the Mogwai shows where they make liberal use of pyro and dildos.

In any case, the Mogwai version of “Mein Land” doesn’t sound much of anything like the original, and it also doesn’t sound like Mogwai. It’s built more on synth-pulse than on effects-pedal fury, and it buries Rammstein’s triumphal melody under mountains of evocative murk. Listen to it below, and check out Rammstein’s absurdist NSFW Beach Blanket Bingo parody of a music video for the track.

(via Some Kind Of Awesome)

The Mogwai remix will appear on the Rammstein collection Made in Germany 1995-2011, out 12/6 on Vagrant, of all labels.

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