Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week the Internet got very excited by the leak of a new LP from Snow Patrol. JUST KIDDING, CORBAN. Yeah, Take Care commanded a lot of attention around here over the past few days (yr welcome, Drizzy) but of course we are not all about Drake. We are also about the Muppets. And now it’s time to get things started with the most sensational list of your comments from the past seven days!


#10  MikeyObviously | Nov 4th Score:10

1991 called, they said they still “love it”!

Posted in: Loveless Turns 20
#9  raptor jesus | Nov 8th Score:12

One more week of waiting.

Am I the only one that prefers listening to great hip-hop albums in the car? Seems to be the only place where I can crank the bass and speed through this life while listening to artists sing about being on top of the world and actually relate.

Posted in: Stereogum Q&A: Drake

Sanjay Devarakonda | Nov 8th Score:12

I love that even he thought the Carter IV sucked.

Posted in: Stereogum Q&A: Drake
#7  brad | Nov 4th Score:12

“As for Siamese Dream, you can’t reduce that album to Loveless. Let Corgan do his own thing, at least back when he did it well. There is way too much Queen and metal in that album to treat it as derivative.”

Yep. Add a little Butch Vig and baby you got a stew going.

Posted in: Loveless Turns 20

Tom Sproat | Nov 7th Score:13

I`m always looking for excuses to bail on my sister`s birthday party, too.

Posted in: Radiohead Announce U.S. Tour

Rob Casper | Nov 5th Score:13

miranda lambert lol i still can’t get over it

Posted in: Lana Del Rey Debuts “Off To The Races”
#4  Michael_ | Nov 5th Score:14

She never was “indiedom.” I feel like a broken record at this point, but she’s long been signed to a major label who calculatedly used indie blog press to drum up buzz for her even though the main goal has always been to turn her into a nostalgic mainstream commercial success like Amy Winehouse and Adele.

Posted in: Lana Del Rey Debuts “Off To The Races”
#3  godsdog | Nov 8th Score:16

I hope you kept those hands north of the equator young man!

Posted in: “Stairway To Heaven” Turns 40
#2  djfreshie | Nov 4th Score:18


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#1  godsdog | Nov 7th Score:20

Fuck me, you’ve got to hand it to Rappers, at least they know how to beef. By now there would have been diss tracks, shit talk about fucking each others bitches, and maybe a drive-by. What does Indie rock give us; a reasonable answer and an apology. I’m not saying anyone has to get shot, but COME ON !

Posted in: A Trip Through The Kurt Vile/Bank Of America Controversy


#5  Brandoch Daha | Nov 4th Score:-8

If not for MBV, Corgan would done something else even worse, and the same idiots would probably have bought it. I bet it would’ve sounded like Waylon Jennings covering Bjork, and it would be playing in every public space in America 24/7.

Imagine if you went back in time and shot Hitler, and the alternative somehow turned out even worse.

Posted in: Loveless Turns 20

Christopher Robert Iqal | Nov 8th Score:-9

Great Interview. Check out my Review of the #masterpiece TAKE CARE at

Posted in: Stereogum Q&A: Drake

Christopher Robert Iqal | Nov 7th Score:-10

Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Releases 2 Weeks Early * Album Review *

Posted in: Drake Take Care Comment Party

Dylan Alexander | Nov 4th Score:-12

Wow, I’m on here twice! I’d like to thank everyone who downvoted me.. Thanx for making my dreams a reality. love u bbs.

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Dylan Alexander | Nov 4th Score:-18

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  DirtySpaceNews | Nov 7th Score:5

1, 2, 3, 4…Four! Wa ha ha! #feistmuppets

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Greta Link | Nov 9th Score:2

every month is my favorite month to listen to ( )

Posted in: Sigur Rós Plan 2012 Album Release

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