Young Dreams – “Young Dreams” Video

Young Dreams is Modular’s latest signing out of Bergen, Norway, a city that’s established a little bit of a reputation in the indie pop scene thanks to bands like Razika. Today they share their first single, “Young Dreams,” which comes paired with a somewhat creepy video, where I think the implication is that the kids’ parents have been killed off in some kind of zombie apocalypse and they have the run of their stark, Ikea-catalog-esque home to themselves. The presence of multiple Furbys — even though Furbys are overdue for a revival — isn’t helping me to relax, either. Maybe I’m reading into this too much, but those Scandanavian kids sure do get into some dark stuff, don’t they? Check out the video, directed by Kristoffer Borgli, after the jump and grab the MP3.


Young Dreams – “Young Dreams”

Young Dreams’ debut LP is out sometime next year on Modular.