Black Sabbath Reunite

For a little while, Black Sabbath, certainly the most influential heavy metal band of all time and possibly the best as well, have been teasing a big announcement for 11/11/11. Everyone assumed that they’d be reuniting, and sure enough, that’s exactly what’s happening. Alongside Metallica, they’ll be headlining the Download Festival, which comes to Donnington Park, England 6/8-10, and they’re promising a worldwide tour afterward.

This is exciting enough news already. Even if Ozzy Osborne is barely aware of his surroundings most of the time these days, the idea of wall of death-ing motherfuckers into oblivion while “Children Of The Grave” plays at high volume still sounds like fun. But Sabbath have already reunited for a few Ozzfests, so that news is not, in and of itself, a huge deal. However, Sabbath are also planning something else: Their first original-lineup studio album in 32 years, with Rick Rubin producing. That is a lot of years! Rolling Stone reports that the band announced the reunion today at a press conference at L.A.’s Whiskey A Go Go, and that they claimed that Rubin was the one responsible for making the reunion happen, bothering them until they agreed to do it. Good on ya, Rick Rubin. Below, check out the video that the band posted to hype this whole thing up.

This will be, if nothing else, interesting.