Unlocked Kurt Cobain Sings Bon Jovi In Guitar Hero 5

Not to mention Bush, Megadeth, and Public Enemy. Last week we reported that the Nirvana frontman has been licensed as a videogame character, complete with Daniel Johnston t-shirt. Frances Bean’s rent isn’t gonna pay itself, ya know? The game, Guitar Hero 5, was released yesterday and now we know that you can unlock Kurt in Career Mode and make him do wacky things like play guitar right-handed, scream yeah boyyy, and sing Gavin Rossdale lyrics. That last indignity is probably why the uploader of this highlight reel tagged it “spinning graves kurt cobain courtney love is fucking bitch”?

No word yet on what the other rock star avatars (Johnny Cash, Shirley Manson, Carlos Santana, Matt Bellamy) do, but if I spend $60 on this, the e-Man in Black better know “Oxford Comma.”