New Air – “Sing Sang Sung”

Yes, the title of Air’s new song’s “Sing Sang Sung.” Song. And it’s nice! Whatever joy “Do The Joy” lacked comes through many times over in Air’s infectious Love 2 single. The French duo want you to sing them a song, give them a wink, forget your worries and be as chilled out as they’ve made a career being. The mix of sunset synths and gentle guitars sound like Cornelius at his most carefree, and would make a perfect cruising-on-a-summer’s-day video if they hadn’t already planned on one featuring a performance by their animated likenesses. (Yes, Air can be animated.) Have a listen and check out a still of Godin and Dunckel in cartoon form:

Here’s a static glimpse at the vid:

Love 2 is out 10/6 via Astralwerks.

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