Watch New Pop-Up Videos For Vampire Weekend, White Stripes

The vaguely snarky but ridiculously informative VH1 video-trivia show Pop-Up Video is totally back, and it’s lately shone its spotlight on a couple of indie-ish artists. Recent episodes have included pop-up treatments of the Malloys’ video for Vampire Weekend’s “Holiday” (the one where they wear powdered wigs) and Sophia Coppola’s video for the White Stripes’ “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” (the one where Kate Moss stripper-dances). The videos are both great, and the show remains very, very entertaining. Watch both clips below.

If the Pop-Up Video producers have any interest in doing anymore White Stripes videos, I’d like to point out my own bit of trivia: In the video for ““The Denial Twist,” a certain Stereogum senior writer plays Tall Conan, a role that has somehow not netted him any further acting-job offers.