New Clientele – “Harvest Time” (Stereogum Premiere)

When we posted “I Wonder Who We Are,” I called it Bonfires On The Heath’s “fakeout opening track” because it’s more upbeat than most of what comes after it. There are certainly spry moments on the Clientele’s fourth album — blissed-out psych nugget “Sketch,” the legitimately funky “Share the Night” — but the prevailing mood’s a teeming, soporific late-October field populated by bats, scarecrows, invisible choirs, and phantoms in the gaps between your bones. The gorgeous mix of drone, strings, and Alasdair MacLean’s evocative “Harvest Time” narrative perfectly sets this hauntingly beautiful tone.

The Clientele – “Harvest Time” (MP3)

Bonfires On The Heath is out 10/6 via Merge.

[Photo by Andy Willsher]