Watch Courtney Love’s Meltdown In Brazil

If you book Courtney Love to appear at your festival, you have to know that there’s a pretty good chance something weird will happen. But Love’s latest onstage bugout is one of her more fascinating, since it raises some big, weird questions. Over the weekend, her reconstituted Hole played at Brazil’s SWU Festival, and she stopped her set midway through when somebody in the crowd held up a photo of Kurt Cobain. Before leaving the stage, she broadly implied that Cobain had fired Dave Grohl from Nirvana, and she returned after a hilariously waifish backing-band dude got the crowd to yell, “The Foo Fighters are gay.” Returning, she said something about how Grohl “takes money off my kid’s table.” Whuh?

Watch the whole drama unfold below.

(via Prefix)

In happier news, have you listened to Hole’s Celebrity Skin lately? So underrated!