Lou Reed Gets His Own Headphones

Fine, sure, everybody hated Lulu. But maybe we were just listening to it wrong! As Exclaim! points out, Lou Reed has just released his own line of signature Klipsch earbuds — a steal at $399.99 — and maybe those headphones’ increased fidelity will make the Loutallica album sound like fuckin’ Beethoven. (It would be pretty cool if they were called Beats By Lou, but no, they’re not.)

On the Klipsch website, Reed proclaims himself a devotee of the brand: “I have been a fan of Klipsch for eons. I enjoy the beauty of the unhyped bass — the clarity and depth of detail and extraordinary comfort of the headphones. These are my Klipsch. Serious headphones for the serious listener.” Every pair comes with an actual autograph from Reed himself, and the first 50 copies also come with signed CDs, so that’s something. They’re up for sale here.

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