New Talbot Tagora Video – “Ichthus Hop”

The off-kilter Seattle art-punk trio Talbot Tagora spin and flop sideways in “Ichthus Hop,” a two-and-a-half minute song, ostensibly about fishes or at least swimming/moving like one, that’s as dissonant as it is catchy. (It sounds like you imagine brain freeze sounding.) The track’s collagist stop-animation video looks like Pop Max Ernst and includes spinning dragonflies, clocks, crows, planets, peacocks, butterflies, pills, and, yes, a fish. The song comes from their Hardly Art debut Lessons In The Woods Or A City, but the guys have a number of self-released/etc collections of various sizes to catch up on, if you’re into it.

(Via P4K)

For the weekend:

Talbot Tagora – “Ichthus Hop” (MP3)

Lessons In The Woods Or A City is out via Hardly Art.