Beck Covers Leonard Cohen With Devendra, MGMT

Beck continues making good use of his down time between album cycles with the second phase of his Record Club, the project which sees Hansen invite a tag-archive-friendly set of friends to cover a classic album in its entirety, in a day, with no rehearsal. He recently finished posting clips from the Velvet Underground & Nico session, featuring logical (not logical) bedfellows Nigel Godrich and Giovanni Ribisi. Now it’s on to Songs Of Leonard Cohen, which stars “Devendra Banhart, Ben, Andrew and Matt from MGMT, Andrew from Wolfmother, Binki from Little Joy, and Brian [Lebarton] and Bram [Inscore] returning from the first Record Club,” and was chosen by Andrew from MGMT. (Ace Of Base was their “second choice.” Brainstorming!) First up is album opener and all-around classic “Suzanne,” which the club gives a gruff, groovy, and cello-lined redo — because that’s just how it came out. Beck says: “There is no intention to ‘add to’ the original work or attempt to recreate the power of the original recording. Only to play music and document what happens.” Here it is in video form:

“Master Song” will be next week’s choice because it is track two. Stay tuned to for that, along with things like chats with Will Ferrell, weekly DJ mixes, and other bits to make everyone else seem lazy in comparison.