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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Hey, there were some good videos this week! Two of the five videos below come from the directing team of Casey Raymond and Ewan James Morris, neither of whom I’d ever heard of before. They even came out on the same day. Nice work, Casey Raymond and Ewan James Morris! We’ve got those, as well as the rest of the five, below.

1. Black Lips – “Raw Meat” (Dir. Phil Pinto)

The Black Lips’ whole dudes-gone-wild schtick can wear thin pretty easily. But when they take that persona and make one minor tweak, it’s suddenly a whole lot more potent. Casting them as baroquely dickish NY cops — especially during a week when people don’t think too much of NY cops — was some kind of stroke of genius. Also, bonus points for throwing Telly from Kids some work.

2. DJ Shadow – “Scale It Back” (Feat. Little Dragon) (Dir. Casey Raymond & Ewan James Morris)

A simple but ridiculous idea executed with more style and grace than anyone could’ve expected. My favorite touch: The weird card-expert memorizer guys says the words “Street Fighter,” so the directors obviously throw a Chun-Li lookalike in there. Blanka, I suppose, would’ve been pushing things a bit too far.

3. Los Campesinos! – “Hello Sadness” (Dir. Casey Raymond & Ewan James Morris)

When I blurbed this thing up, I wrote that it didn’t make much sense. Commenter jessunavailable, however, had a great explanation. Every tortuous bit of nonsense we see in the video symbolizes all the bullshit you don’t want to do but end up doing anyway because you want to make things work with a significant other. That is a very depressing explanation! But fair enough! It makes a whole lot more sense now!

4. WU LYF – “We Bros” (Dir. Sam Pilling)

“Gang of kids escape something” is one of the all-time great music-video plotlines. In this iteration, we see five ragged and muddy urchins running, fence-climbing, and raft-sailing in order to get away from what seems like a prison camp at first but then turns out to be just a shitty industrial city. I caught Children Of Men flashbacks with those final shots, and I am always happy to catch Children Of Men flashbacks.

5. Scott Weiland – “Winter Wonderland” (Dir. ?)

This is obviously not a great video, or a remotely good one, but it is a pretty amazing example of human folly at work. Just watch those teeth grind! I still have no idea whether Weiland intends this whole thing as an elaborate joke or not, but I can tell that he thinks he’s channeling Bing and Bowie at the same time, and that is just funny.