New Muse – “Undisclosed Desires”

So far, the roll-out on Muse’s forthcoming, fifth LP has conjured some unexpected associations: demanding a Queen reference and being inflicted with a Glenn Beck one. The fun continues today with “Undisclosed Desires” which again finds the trio referencing a far corner of their iTunes collection, working in a sorta Depeche Mode. It’s hard to listen to the intro’s pizzicato strings and backbeat without thinking “Strangelove,” so I suggest you go ahead and do that. No big climaxes, crescendos, or pyrotechnics to this one, just some lean and tuneful Muse-ic For The Masses.

Here’s its live debut, from the band’s homecoming show in Teignmouth on 9/5. Note Bellamy on keytar.

The Resistance is out 9/14 via Warner Bros.

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