Weiland Explains XMas LP

What’s the deal with this, exactly? That’s what we want to know, too. Luckily, The Sudbury Star got to the man himself to ask the tough questions.

A few excerpts:

The Star: Tell me about Christmas around the Weiland house when you were a boy.

Weiland: My memories of Christmas are very joyful. My family would get together. My grandparents were with us. It was a special time. I remember we would wake up in the morning, and my father would put on the record player and play old albums. He would usually start out with orchestral versions of classics and chorals. Listening to those songs is something I always remember. You know, even before I got a record deal, Robert (DeLeo of STP) and I recorded a version of White Christmas. We had no money, so we gave it to our families for Christmas. I gave one to my parents, one to my grandparents. They said that was the best present they ever got.

Aw. Almost makes me feel bad for making fun of it. Almost. Also:

The Star: Michael Buble has a Christmas CD out now, too. Maybe you two could team up on “Little Drummer Boy” like Bing and Bowie.

Weiland: Actually, I did a version of that. And we were so close to having Leonard Cohen do the Bing part. We would have made a video of it and done it as a homage to the original. It was his touring schedule that kept it from happening.

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