Liam And Noel Are Suing Each Other, Or Something

Aaaaand the messy Oasis breakup just keeps getting messier. Billboard reports that Liam filed legal action against Noel in August, after Noel claimed that Liam pulled out of a headlining spot at the 2009 V Festival because of a hangover. Noel apologized and recanted, but now he’s hitting Liam with a series of counter claims, alleging a whole bunch of shit about Liam. Let’s see what he said!

Noel claims that Liam’s long been guilty of wild-ass unprofessional behavior that occasionally crosses the line into physical violence. According the the legal papers, Noel finally peaced out of Oasis only after Liam stormed into their dressing room, swinging a guitar around like an axe and almost busting Noel in the face with it. Noel also claims that Liam left insulting voicemail messages on his wife’s phone, that he’s got a history of treating fans disrespectfully, and that he’s been known to physically assault them. The papers include 12 specific instances of assholism between 1994 and 2005. That number seems low, Noel!

Noel admits that Liam had laryngitis when the band canceled that V Festival appearance, but he also alleges that Liam made it worse by staying out drinking and smoking the night before. So: Apology rescinded, I guess. Noel also seems to hate the living fuck out of Liam’s Pretty Green clothing line for some reason.

Man, those inevitable reunion shows five years from now are going to be awkward!