New Kurt Vile – “Hunchback”

“Hunchback” is the opening track to Kurt Vile’s Matador-debut LP Childish Prodigy. Where the previous freely downloadable MP3 “Overnight Religion” caught the Philly singer-songwriter in a loping psychedelic folk mode, “Hunchback” sets a more rocking tone for the rest of the LP. That tone: loose and howling, whiskey-soaked proto-grunge in line with his Neil Young obsession. (Nice lyrical reprise of “To get up on top these days you gotta be a low life trick / Slither up just like a snake upon the spiral staircase” from God Is Saying This To You… standout “Beach On The Moon” on the way out, too.) For you:

Kurt Vile – “Hunchback” (MP3)

Childish Prodigy is out 10/6 via Matador. Those who preorder get a free “He’s All Right” 7″.

[Photo by Big Ass Lens]

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