The Outsiders: Vol. 10

Not all of Stereogum’s favorite sounds conform to what folks expect us to cover. In this space, resident Bananafish fetishist Brandon Stosuy focuses on bands, albums, singles, and villages in Sweden that may otherwise pass by unnoticed. This installment’s eclectic virtual milk crate contains Religious Knives, GazHeart, Arklight, and R. Keenan Lawler for Loren Connors.

Take a listen:

Religious Knives – “Luck” (MP3)

“Luck” comes from Religious Knives’ Resin, out now on No Fun. (The song was originally released on “The Luck / In The Back” 12″ via Heavy Tapes, edition of 300. More.) And more…

An oldie: GazHeart was Dave Nuss and Rita Ackermann. “Swooping Above” comes from their self-titled, one-side LP on Locust. The song’s official title — Hungarian included — is “Suhanok, Suhanok A Hegyek Felett / Swooping Above.” The recording was made in 2004.

GazHeart – “Swooping Above” (MP3)

Nuss comments over at Locust:

Rita and I traveled every August to Budapest to be with her family, who live in the hills outside thecity in a small German village called Budaörs, created after WWII. The mise-en-scene of our life therewas total village simplicity – grandma’s cooking, dogs running the streets, babies with leaky diapers onbig wheels, and gypsies hanging out in bars. We would go every Sunday morning to the gypsy marketwhere the vendors would spread out a bunch of garbage on blankets in a parking lot, all the proprietors drunk by 10am on wine consumed from coke bottles. At the time of recording Rita had adopted the surrealist idea of automatic, unmediated writing directfrom the unconscious, using spontaneous text to create songlike atmospheres, in the spirit of TristanTzara. For the percussion, I wound up keeping it simple and true to the environs: a bucket, a glass jar, a coffee can & a straw broom. All recordings were made to magnetic tape in the back yard late at nightafter the village was sleeping.

Arklight’s the highly productive Danny, Greg, Chris, and Tung. They’re in Astoria. Danny’s been forwarding me CD-R’s and cassettes for the past couple years (he was still in high school when they started). The stuff keeps getting better, more expressive and individual. When he first contact me, he was a big fan of No Neck, Gang Gang Dance, Sightings. Arklight’s nailing their own thing these days.

Arklight – “Ballad Of Narayama” (MP3)
Arklight – “Mizzentop” (MP3)
Arklight – “Four Floors Above The Madness We Smell Blood” (MP3)

“Ballad Of Narayam” is from The Seventh Seal, out on Abandon Ship Records. “Four Floors Above The Madness We Smell Blood” is from a split tape with A.P.E. on MT5 tapes. “Mizzentop” is from a tape on epicene esr (edition of 30 … I have no. 25). Go to Arklight’s MySpace to hear “Sustained Gamelan,” among others.

[1/2 of Arklight]

Then, because this is Vol. 10, I wanted to link back to Loren Connors, who was the before-the-fold focus of the first installment. R. Keenan Lawler’s “High Tower Bells For Loren Connors” is from Imaginational Anthem Volume 3, which comes out tomorrow on Tompkins Square.

R Keenan Lawler – “High Tower Bells For Loren Connors” (MP3)

Additional notes: Dave Nuss is a member of one band, associated with another. He’s also in No Neck Blues Band. Nuss played in Angleblood with Rita Ackerman as well as Lizzi Bougatsos and Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance. Rita is a well-regarded visual artist represented by Andrea Rosen. Arklight includes Daniel Kolm, son of Downtown poet Ron Kolm, maybe best known for his various “Suburban Ambush” collaborations with visual artists. You probably know members of Religious Knives from Double Leopards or their label, Heavy Tapes. Dave Nuss plays drums on two Resin tracks. Since I’m making this Dave Nuss day (by mistake, oddly enough), here’s some video of his metal band, Under Satan’s Sun, opening for Magik Markers in October.

Note artist Arik Moonhawk Roper on bass in the shadows. More at MySpace.