Neil Diamond Premieres “Pretty Amazing Grace” On Amazon, Rick Rubin Continues Saving The Music Biz One Neil Diamond Record At A Time

Putting a spin on “Amazing Grace,” the king of fencing and those Hot August Nights premiered the first material from his forthcoming 27th studio album Home Before Dark. The song’s nothing to write Home Before Dark about, but it’s good to see he still (sorta) has his hair: Check it out here. It was shot live just for Amazon, and will be up for a week. Neil kinda looks like a wax figurine. The new Diamond had us thinking about that mammoth NY Times Magazine article where, after taking a job as co-head of Columbia records, Rick Rubin, is set up as the savior of the music biz. Remember, he produced Diamond’s last album 12 Songs (and also does the new one). At one point in the piece, he talks about how Columbia screwed up 12 Songs’ sales flow…

Via NY Times:

“The CD debuted at No. 4,” Rubin told me at Hugo’s, still sounding upset. “It was the highest debut of Neil’s career, off to a great start. But Columbia — it was some kind of corporate thing — had put spyware on the CD. That kept people from copying it, but it also somehow recorded information about whoever bought the record. The spyware became public knowledge, and people freaked out. There were some lawsuits filed, and the CD was recalled by Columbia. Literally pulled from stores. We came out on a Tuesday, by the following week the CD was not available. Columbia released it again in a month, but we never recovered. Neil was furious, and I vowed never to make another album with Columbia.”

Home Before Dark is out 5/6 on, umm, Columbia.