New Fredrik – “Locked In The Basement”

Baroque Swedish sextet and BTW Fredrik’s second album Trilogi is out in a couple of months. It’s made up of a previously self-released and extremely limited EP trilogy (hence the name). Some background:

The three EP’s bear the titles “Holm”, “Ava” and “Ner,” all fictional names roughly signifying “Frozen Forest Island,” “Water Through Sound” and “The Inside Underground.” Together they represent a trilogy of contemporized viewpoints of the Lovecraftian dream passage — orientation at great cost and understanding at the risk of sanity.

Together they also offer a more insular, mysterious vibe than Na Na Ni. Trilogi’s lead track is the dark, icy “Locked In The Basement,” which seemingly has nothing to do with R. Kelly, everything to do with Lovecraft and wintry atmospherics. Whatever the case, it’s a pleasingly gentle bit of downcast (but brightly lit) pop, all the way through to the shuffling percussion, laser-gun electro accents, and final haunting vocalisms.

Fredrik – “Locked In The Basement” (MP3)

Trilogi is out 11/10 via The Kora.

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