New Wye Oak Video – “Sight, Flight” (Stereogum Premiere)

Baltimore duo Wye Oak turn a pretty trick on their touching The Knot standout “Sight, Flight,” sending their pretty, dusky country-tinged track into a fit of fanning noise that swells to a breaking point before pulling back into its languid but heartfelt center. You see that sort of trajectory at play in the relationship illustrated in this video the band put together, with friends and family, in their hometown. Vocalist and guitarist and waitress Jenn Wasner explains:

This video was shot on July 13th in Baltimore, and is the result of a close collaboration between myself, Andy and Matthew Yake, who shot, edited, and created the visual effects. The three of us entered the video-making process with no experience and no budget, and between a couple of cameras, a haphazardly compiled shot list, the generous donation of time, talent and space on behalf of many of our friends and family members, and a beautiful hand-stitched clothing quilt made by our friend Hillery Sproatt, we pieced together this reality-meets-fantasy portrait of a day in the life of…well, whoever you want it to be. We hope you like it.

A track from The Knot to go:

Wye Oak – “Take It In” (MP3)

The Knot is out via Merge. Stream it here.

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