Kate Bush – “Mistraldespair” Video

Even for a longtime iconoclast like Kate Bush, the song “Misty” is a true flight of fancy — a thirteen-minute-plus tragic reverie about a woman who gets busy with a snowman. When the track is actually playing, it’s easy to get lost in Bush’s voice and the liquid arrangement and to forget just how ludicrous the song’s concept is. But the new “Mistraldespair” video, which animates a short segment of the song, makes everything as literal as it can possibly be. And even if things don’t end well for the snowman in question, the narrator from the Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer claymation special has a new favorite music video.

Bush’s album 50 Words For Snow is out now on Fish People/Anti, and you might also want to investigate the similarly literal “Wild Man” video.

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