Beyoncé – “Dance For You” Video

Beyoncé’s video for the new song “Dance For You” is made up to look like an old film noir, but all those genre touchpoints are really just distractions. The video, it turns out, is really just five minutes of Beyoncé grinding, and you already know whether that’s something you want to watch. This much, however, is indisputable: Beyoncé is very good at grinding. And, perhaps more debatably, she also deserves some credit for refusing to hide her pregnancy while, at the same time, being sexy as fuck in an extremely public way. Beyoncé herself co-directs alongside her “Party” co-director Alan Ferguson. Watch it below.

“Dance For You” appears on the deluxe edition of Beyoncé’s 4, out 11/29 on Sony. It’s definitely not a good enough reason to buy the album all over again.