New Micachu & The Shapes Video – “Turn Me Well”

Mika Levy and her Shapes released one of the best British albums this year — a debut, no less — although you wouldn’t know that from the Mercury Prize. Or its nominee list. No, for that sort of championing of creative takes on pop music it seems you’re better off listening to other artists capable of the same. Like, say, Björk, whose just made its foray into premiering music videos with the latest clip from Micachu’s excellent Jewellery LP. B talked about seeing the Shapes live to NPR, saying:

“I saw her in London, in June, a year ago and I was really excited about her. I thought it was that sort of ‘do it yourself’ approach, with all these little guitars and her attitude was really fresh… think it’s really, really fun. (She)is a bit of a prankster really, isn’t she?”

“Turn Me Well” doesn’t really feature any of those little guitars — your ears are trained instead on some dense keyboards and glitches while darts of manipulated vocals, glockenspiels, vacuum cleaners, and assorted clatter fill up the periphery — but its video does show off a little of Mika’s attitude. It’s one extended closeup of Levy, bathed in colors and passing foliage, animating the track’s lyrical and aural tics through the power of sheer facial contortion. And that’s fresh.

Jewellery is out via Rough Trade. Previously in Micachu videos: “Golden Phone.” And you can take this one:

Micachu & The Shapes – “Lips” (MP3)