Watch Shabazz Palaces Play “Bronny On A Breakaway” For The Guardian

The Guardian’s “How We Wrote” video series exists so that artists can talk about a song’s creative genesis before performing that song. The latest entry stars Seattle art-rap duo Shabazz Palaces, and it focuses on their wildly oscillating Black Up bonus track “Bronny On A Breakaway.” The story behind the song is sort of fun (it was mostly created via outgoing voicemail message), but the real reason to watch the video is the chance to see the group’s makeshift electro-percussive setup in action. Also, it’s easier to see how hard Palaceer Lazaro is rapping when he’s sneering at the camera, and that breakdown is some shit. Watch it below.

(via The Guardian)

Shabazz Palaces’ album Black Up is out now on Sub Pop.