Lana Del Rey Names LP, Hires Tiger

As NME points out, internet punching bag Lana Del Rey recently let her album title slip when she was doing an interview with the French TV show Taratata. The singer’s Interscope debut, due next year, will be called Born 2 Die, which means that this is now the title track. (Also, Taratata would be a pretty good Lana Del Rey album title.)

As Pitchfork points out, Del Rey also recently told the British newspaper The Sun that she’s working on a “Born 2 Die” video and that it’ll have a tiger in it. “Tigers don’t come cheap,” she notes. Obviously, this is awesome news, and it hopefully means that she’s drawing inspiration from Nas’s “Hate Me Now” video. She also says, “It’s a controversial video.” Uh, Lana? You can’t just call something “controversial” when nobody’s actually seen it. That’s so lame! That’s how people end up making pieces of rote provocation like, um, Nas’s “Hate Me Now” video.

Gucci this, Fendi that. What you expect, yo?

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