Wait, Now Korn Invented Dubstep?

A couple of months ago, nu-metal stalwarts Korn made a lot of people feel afraid for the future when they released “Get Up!,” a collaboration with brostep avatar Skrillex. Their new album The Path Of Totality is said to be packed with such big-room bassbin experiments. But to hear Korn frontman Jonathan Davis tell it, Korn basically invented brostep.

Talking to Billboard, Davis says, “We were dubstep before there was dubstep. Tempos at 140 with half-time drums, huge bassed-out riffs. We used to bring out 120 subwoofers and line them across the whole front of the stage, 60 subs per side. We were all about the bass.” It’s true! Korn was all about the bass! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Kode9!

Davis also takes a moment to paint a ghastly image of what Korn shows look like now: “It’s really cool to see glow sticks at the show, to see dance music culture infiltrating and becoming one with the metal community. At the last show, there was one mosh pit where they were moshing, and another with kids doing glow stick tricks. They were taking turns and shit. I think we’ve opened up a new style that both sides are happy with.” Let’s see if we can get some Twilight obsessives in there too, and just call it a day.

The Path Of Totality is out 12/2 on Roadrunner. Weirdly, there’s another newish metal album out now called Path Of Totality, and that one is totally good. And now let’s all mentally prepare ourselves for the moment when Staind take credit for chillwave.

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