iPod Nano Gets Video Cam, FM Radio … Not Sgt. Pepper’s

Today Apple hosted its “Rock & Roll” press conference. With a name like that, and with this being Beatles day, people were thinking Apple might announce that they’d finally secured the rights to sell the Fabulous fouresome’s catalog digitally. Probably because Yoko said as much until she didn’t. But there were no Beatles-related developments to share. Instead, the not-so-big news by company standards came via the revamped line of iPods, with new price points and capacities and, most notably, a Nano that will catch FM radio and take video so you can post live concert clips to the frustration of artists everywhere. (All the specs are here.) Also, meet iTunes LP: Apple’s cyber-attempt to cyber-recreate the artwork/liner note/etc. aspect of the album-purchasing experience. The iTunes 9 update will have that for you. You are so psyched you can’t wait to download that update. You are doing it already probably.

And one more thing…

Well that’s just it. In Macworlds past our dear leader Steve Jobs would tear down the house with his “and one more thing” bit just before unveiling some techno-joyous surprise. But at Rock & Roll, Jobs’s presence itself was the big reveal, the Apple CEO looking thin but seeming sharp as ever after successfully recovering from a liver transplant five months ago.

In addition to Mr. Jobs, the conference boasted an appearance from Norah Jones, who played the show out with “Come Away With Me” and “Young Blood,” a new song from her forthcoming album The Fall. (That’s the one with the Ryan Adams and Will Sheff cowriting and the Tom Waits namedropping.)

And that’s about it. Better luck next time, Wall Street.