Beacon – “See Through You” Video

When most-recent BTW Beacon aren’t walking their sense for sensual R&B through a long, luxe hall lined with Warp LPs and bass music mixtapes, they work together at their own video production house. They’ve hand-crafted this video for “See Through You,” explicitly as a hat-tip to the “intuitive and passionate” genre of amateur-made videos, and certainly as a hat-tip to explicit imagery of CGI ladies riding poles and jiggling in bikinis. There is no nudity, but there are some cyber-thongs, so let’s call this one NSFW.

Beacon made an annotated YouTube playlist of their favorite amateur-made videos; “each one has a story and special place in framing the debut of our new music video “See Through You.” Dig in at Don’t Die Wondering.

The band’s worthy No Body EP is out via Moongadget. Grab the title track here:

Beacon – “No Body”

And hear the rest of it in their BTW post.

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