New APSE – “3.1/The Whip” (Stereogum Premiere)

The “outer Cape Cod” quintet Apse’s home-recorded second album Climb Up is worthy of its expansive album art. In fact, it’s difficult charting the various textures, moods, and post-rock approaches contained in its dozen songs and almost 60-minutes worth of music. When we posted “Shade Of The Moor”” last year, I mentioned the band were together for close to seven years when they completed their first album Spirit, nine years after Robert Toher, aka Bobby, founded the project in Newton, CT when it was reissued by ATP. Life happens, and causes delays, but the passage of time also speaks to the band’s attention to detail. The group’s currently a quintet with various friends. If you ever dripped into the darkly-lit cinematic slow-release of Spirit, you’ll be surprised Climb Up’s more varied palette and pacing.

We’re told:

Drawing from a mixture of existing demos that were turned into working songs as well as full-band improvised live recordings that Bobby cut up and formed into song structures, overdubbing effects and vocals on top of them – the band ultimately chose and honed in on a final cut of 12 tracks, culled from a larger body of work.

See if you can detect the splices on “3.1” and “The Whip.”


“The Whip”

The “3.1”/”The Whip” Double A-Side single is out now. Climb Up is out 11/10 via ATP.

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