New Dominique Leone – “Duyen”

San Francisco-based Texan Dominique Leone is maybe best known as the Pitchfork writer guys got crushed out on for her totally rad taste in prog, electronics, psychedelia, and various outsider musics. Thing is, Dominique’s a dude. Most people eventually figured that out. Another thing, Leone’s also a classically trained musician, which maybe some folks are just figuring out now. As good an intro as any “Duyen” rests comfortably in the middle of Leone’s 11-track self-titled full length debut, which is also the debut release on Strømland, a joint label venture by Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Smalltown Supersound’s Joakim Haugland. Not too shabby. Leone put it all together with a 4-track, a keyboard, his rising/falling Beach Boys-y vocals, and here, some telephones, shaker percussion, and walkie talkies.

Dominique Leone – “Duyen” (MP3)

Dominique Leone is out 5/20 on Strømland.

[Photo by Jess Halverson]