Jim James Discusses His Evil Urges

We keep running into people who have heard the new My Morning Jacket, and they keep echoing the same theme: Evil Urges contains some moments that you won’t recognize as My Morning Jacket; some people will love it …. others not so much. The sorta twisted Evil of the album’s art plays out the pre-release tagline, but we’re sure you’re done basing impressions on second hand opinions, img files, and live YouTubes. So go to the source: Herein Jim James speaks with Rolling Stone about the sound and inspiration behind five from the forthcoming Urges LP.

We start with the most obvious example of MMJ’s envelope pushing: “Highly Suspicious,” with its falsetto/power-chord stomp, sounding as if Alice In Chains’ “Man In The Box” had spent a few days listening to Prince. But what’s it about, Jim?

It’s almost like a little mini-play or something, like a mini-skit almost. We tried to sound like angry British police officers on the chorus, that are are beating down your door. They’re really “Highly Sus-pi-cious Of You,” and they’re coming to get you. And the main character of the song is the paranoid freak.

If that’s true, Jimmy James, you dudes need to work on your British accent. But here, hear the man tell it for himself…

Head here and learn.

Ahh, messing around with the beat program. You knew that tune was groove first, falsetto second, everything else third. Jim continues his explication of the album’s charms with this bit on the title track.

For the snippet on the slightly country “Sec Walkin,” Jim highlights one of his picks for “lost classic” albums: Alan Toussaint’s Southern Nights. Might wanna fire up the torrent and grab it. (And if you do, might we suggest our new torrent client, Transmission; powerful, simple, with no unnecessary Azureus bloat — thx Zach).

If you want more of the MMJ master class, RS has JJ talking “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Thank You Too” over there for ya. Maybe that’ll hold you over ’til Evil Urges drops, 6/10 via ATO.