New Peter Morén (Feat. Tobias Fröberg) Live Video – “Le Petit Coeur”

What we have here is an intimate, sensitive, doe-eyed performance of “Le Petit Coeur” — the French-peppered The Last Tycoon tune we first heard as a demo — shot in Morén’s apartment. Not entirely solo (sorry Bjorn and John), Peter’s accompanied on drums by Tobias Fröberg, the Swedish songwriter who also produced prematurely dug Tycoon. And he looks like that beaded Jake Gyllenhaal more than he usually does. Or, right, Fred Armisen in “Iran So Far.”

Admit it, how many people swooned? We’d love to see him do the Wham!-inflected, fancy-picking “Social Competence” in this setting. Seems like only yesterday you were playing our SXSW party, Peter … now we feel so far away. Sigh.

The Last Tycoon is out 4/8 (today) on Touch & Go.

UPDATE: While that vid was recorded in Peter’s bedroom, this live take on “This Is What I Came For” comes from his Fair Game w/Faith Saile session:

Peter Morén – “This Is What I Came For” (MP3)

Some hot fingerpicked licks in there. The full session airs tonight and will be available for download tomorrow at Fair Game.