Kings Of Convenience (And Feist) @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 9/10/09

Kings Of Convenience summon silence. Bowery Ballroom was thoroughly hushed for KoC’s first NYC show in ages last night, a palpable silence perfect for hearing every note of the Norwegian duo’s forthcoming Declaration Of Dependence LP tunes, and even more so for being distracted by each camera’s click no matter where in the room it originated. (That might have explained the strict photo policy — so strict that the show was stopped midway for it to be reiterated. And for Erlend and Eirik to spend two minutes posing for everyone to get it out of their system.)

Another thing that sort of quiet is perfect for, though, is when Feist turns up at your show and starts singing from the balcony without a mic. Leslie joined the Kings (also without aid of mics at this point) on her two Riot On An Empty Street tunes — “The Build-Up” and “Know How” — one from the balcony, one from stage. We sent photographer Jessica Amaya to bring back some sights in pictures. In accord with the photo policy, and very, very quietly.