The National Make A Movie, EP

Now that the National are touring with R.E.M., Vincent Moon, indie rock’s French auteur of choice, can totally multi-task (to take it further, he should start working with Modest Mouse). Anyhow, long before Moon became well-known for his Take-Away shows or began his higher-profile collaborations with the indie-rock major label band R.E.M., Moon was putting together A Skin, A Night, a film about the National. The 60-minute Boxer-era flick is out on DVD at the end of May. For now, check the trailer. It looks like you expect it to look.

There are also probably some shots of Matt smoking. Glad the hard work payed off, guys. For real, we remember those workaday times. As a bonus, the DVD’s being packaged with The Virginia EP. Here’s the 12-song tracklist:

01 “You’ve Done It Again, Virginia” (previously unreleased)
02 “Santa Clara” (UK b-side)
03 “Blank Slate” (UK b-side)
04 “Tall Saint” (demo)
05 “Without Permission” (unreleased cover)
06 “Forever After Days” (demo)
07 “Rest Of Years” (demo)
08 “Slow Show” (demo)
09 “Lucky You” (Daytrotter session)
10 “Mansion On The Hill” (live)
11 “Fake Empire” (live)
12 “About Today” (live)

A Skin, A Night/The Virginia EP are out 5/20 on Beggars Banquet.