of Montreal Paralytic Stalks Details

We already knew that veteran Athens glam-prog freaks of Montreal had a new LP called Paralytic Stalks in the chamber, and we posted their seven-minute track “Wintered Debts.” And now we’ve learned all the relevant Paralytic particulars. The album arrives in February, it was recorded in frontman Kevin Barnes’s home studio, and it includes a 13-minute closer called “Authentic Pyrrhic Remission” — not exactly a surprise, since this is of Montreal we’re talking about here. Also, there’s a song called “We Will Commit Wolf Murder,” and the song is going to have a tough time living up to that title. Below, download “Wintered Debts” and check out the tracklist.

of Montreal – “Wintered Debts”

01 “Gelid Ascent”
02 “Spiteful Intervention”
03 “Dour Percentage”
04 “We Will Commit Wolf Murder”
05 “Malefic Dowery”
06 “Ye, Renew The Plaintiff”
07 “Wintered Debts”
08 “Exorcismic Breeding Knife”
09 “Authentic Pyrrhic Remission”

Paralytic Stalks is out 2/7 on Polyvinyl.

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