New Aluminum Group Video – “Milligram Of Happiness”

When we took a stream of the final installment in the “Happyness” cycle from the Navin brothers last year, entitled Little Happyness, the album’s opener “Milligram Of Happiness” grabbed us immediately: for its bittersweet verses, its airy and jazzed up rock tones, and its Sea & Cake-infused happy hook (John McEntire’s on drums, to help bear out that reference). On the cut’s clip, Frank and John take all the video’s credits (except starring, that belongs to birds and dolls), splitting “Milligram” between pensive shots of birds eating bread, and joyous shots of birds falling in love with stuffed hedgehogs. Happiness is a warm hearted video about interspecies dating.

Frank and John even took some time out to comment on the YouTube:

but truly, we wish everyone every happiness. People think we’re sad. we are, but we always wish each other happiness!

Funny. Here’s a little bit of Happyness, albeit not the tune you just fell in love to:

The Aluminum Group – “Headphones” (MP3)

Little Happyness is out via Minty Fresh.