“Wanna Come To My DJ Night?” Preview Portlandia Season 2

Portlandia, the nominally Portland-specific but essentially all-purpose alt-culture-skewering sketch comedy show from the wonderful minds of fellow lifechampions Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, is returning for a second season.

There’s a new preview clip available, titled “Wanna Come To My DJ Night?” It documents the tyranny of everyone you know and your mother having a DJ night, through the zeitgeisty lens of the impending zombie apocalypse that is queued up for 2012. Cinéma vérité, basically. To watch it, you must “Like” Portlandia on Facebook. Up next: A Portlandia sketch about artists forcing you to “Like” things on Facebook.

UPDATE: Here’s another preview of the season, where Fred & Carrie take on dog parks.

Dog parks and DJ nights, cool. Next up, Fred & Carrie make fun of the inside of my apartment.

Portlandia is back on Fridays at 10PM starting 1/6 on IFC. For the completists, go back and get to know ThunderAnt, which is to Portlandia what On A Friday is to Radiohead.