On The Pixies Reunion

Entertainment Weekly’s Tom Sinclair reveals the unlikely role David Lovering’s insane ex-girlfriend played in getting the Pixies back together.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did the rest of you guys react to the idea of a reunion?

JOEY SANTIAGO: I had everyone’s numbers and stuff, so I called. Frank had everyone’s numbers too, I think, but, you know, I got along with Kim. Kim to me was like the wild card. I said, ”Everyone’s in now. So we’re just askin’ you…” And she just went, ”Hmmmm. Now are you asking me in case I don’t wanna do it, then you guys would have permission to use someone else?” I was like, ”No! Absolutely not! That would be the biggest nightmare.” Basically, I said, ”Please. It wouldn’t be a ‘reunion’ without you.” She said, ”Okay!”

DAVID LOVERING: Joey’s call changed everything, 180 degrees, completely around. To be candid, it was a pretty bad time of my life. I was involved in a bad relationship with a woman. I don’t mean ”bad” — I’m talkin’ the worst, where it was just gonna destroy me. I had a restraining order [against her], the whole deal. It was horrible. I have scars from champagne bottles being broken over my head. It was a really, really, really bad, bad day. And I remember walking to the bank. I couldn’t even drive my car. I had my cell phone, and I’m just about to get into the bank, and Joe rings. Said, ”Guess what? We’re getting back together!” I go, ”Yeah, yeah, bullshit.” He says, ”No, it’s true.” And I swear to God, I just jumped through the roof. I was ecstatic.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Wow. What happened to the woman?

DAVID LOVERING: She’s in prison now.

Whoa! Anyway I need me some Pixies tickets. Ray, get on that please.