Aziz Ansari Remixes Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Niggas In Paris”

Parks & Recreation star and professional funny motherfucker Aziz Ansari has ascended to the level of fame where he gets to be friends with Jay-Z and Kanye West; that’s him, after all, in the “Otis” video. But he’s also very much a dorked-out fan, as the graphic below should make clear. During some recent burst of creativity, Ansari and buddy Matthew Shawver recently recreated all of Jay and Kanye’s world-conquering anthem “Niggas In Paris” on the emoticon template Emojis. It’s like a monument to the overabundance of spare time. Check it out below.

Aziz Ansari - "Niggas In Paris" Remix
(via Ansari’s Tumblr)

In 50 years, people will be rapping exclusively in emoticon language. You have been warned.