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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The real best music video of this week wasn’t an actual video; it was a tantalizing glimpse of one. Joanna Newsom’s forthcoming clip for “Good Intentions Paving Company” looks to be a whimsy-dazed force of nature, and the minute or so that we got to watch was enough to pop eyeballs. In the absence of the full video, though, we were forced to come up with five others. Here’s what we got:

1. Major Lazer – “Original Don” (Dir. the Partysquad)

In which a head-spinningly weird viral video is perfectly created, with its original participants all present, and transformed into a perfectly functional music video. Diplo looks perfectly at home in this absurd little house, and I’m not entirely certain what this says about him.

2. Holy Ghost! – “I Wanted To Tell Her” (Dir. Ben Fries)

Apparently, our #2 video, like our chart-topper, is an exercise in kitsch reenactment. The video for Holy Ghost!’s Ministry cover, as commenter Jacqueline Casanova points out, revives the dance scene from the ’80s BMXploitation curiosity Rad. If you don’t know, now you know.

3. Young Magic – “Sparkly” (Dir. Dylan Wiehahn)

A perfectly gorgeous piece of impressionistic nature filmmaking, in which time-lapse cameras record the undisturbed rapture of the Australian coast and a beautiful woman swans through it all. Now just watch; this will turn out to be ripped straight from a scene in Kickboxer 2 or something.

4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Bicycle” (Dir. Michael James Johnson)

A pretty girl drives around in a muscle car, smashes shit, shoplifts, explodes Twinkies, and generally behaves very badly at every opportunity. That’s really all I need in life.

5. CREEP – “Animals” (Feat. Holly Miranda) (Dir. Greko Sklavounos)

Very few musicians have ever achieved the level of alien-robot creepiness that Holly Miranda reaches in this video. She is a thing to behold, and I now firmly believe that she is capable of ripping out my trachea for no reason. This is a thing to be celebrated.