New Air – “So Light Is Her Footfall”

The last dispatch from Air’s Love 2, the effervescent “Sing Sang Sung,” would have made a lovely cruising-on-a-summer’s-day video. (Instead the French men paid homage to platform videogames.) If we were playing director’s chair quarterback again — and with music as visual as Air’s, it’s a fun game — “So Light Is Her Footfall”‘s wah guitars and string synth patches would soundtrack a short built of film-noir intrigue, perhaps a private dick following a lovely mademoiselle as she lightly steps down shadowy corridors all alone alone alone alone alone alone alone. Dunckel and Godin don’t explain why they suddenly start talking about her footfall in the past tense later in the song, but that’s what we have videos for.

Love 2 is out via Astralwerks.

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