Robyn Dresses, Dances Perfectly On SNL

This was not an opinion shared by some on Twitter, as I found out while searching around for reactions shortly after the show aired at 12AM on Saturday (I wasn’t near a TV because I was out, JEALOUS?). But by a Robyn fan’s rubric, that headline is a statement of fact, as the indefatigable Ms. Konichiwa finally brought her post-teen-pop-star incarnation to a pop cultural stage (almost) large enough to contain her choreography. There were no background dancers because obviously. Robyn sang (well) to backing tracks and had her typical live setup of two drummers and a synth arpeggiator man, she did the backward somersault from her “Call Your Girlfriend” video, and she wore those boots and that Calvin Klein getup that looked like somone ate a plate of pastels then threw up all over her leotard. What more could you want, America? See both of those clips below, along with Katy Perry’s impersonation of Florence Welch (yes Katy hosted but did not perform outside the likes of this and a Christina Aguilera impression), here below:

“Call Your Girlfriend”

“Dancing On My Own”

Katie Perry as Florence Welch: