Les Savy Fav’s Syd Butler Blogs About Hockey

Tim Harrington’s resumé of extracurriculars is extensive — from drug culture expert to proprietor of home and apparel company Deadly Squire to malaria spokesman — but you don’t need a beard, a belly, and a showman’s magnetism to find life beyond Les Savy Fav. While Harrington’s up to his shenanigans, LSF bassist Syd Butler keeps plenty busy on his own by running the always worthy Frenchkiss label — and now sharing his deep love for hockey’s Washington Capitals with the internet.

But, you ask, what can an indie rocker bring to the art of hockey blogging? How about an assessment of a players’ hockey skills vis a vis their ability behind the drum kit? And just like that, Syd uses his fist post to give the info inquiring Capitals fans want to know:

Mike Green is a future superstar – not very good at the drums though. Maybe in the off-season, after they win the Cup, he can take some drumming lessons and i’ll take skating lessons from him.

Note to Barry Melrose: that’s how you scout. Kevin Smith and Juno director Jason Reitman are have also jumped on the hockey blogging bandwagon says Yahoo! And for that fertile cross-demo colloquially referred to as Hockey Fans For The Hills, it’s worth noting that Lauren Conrad, too, is blogging about her love for using sticks to puck — and the web sleuths at our sister site Videogum got their hands on her first post. It’s worth a read, Spencer/sport fans.

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