New Gary War Video – “Highspeed Drift”

This new Gary War video was directed by Jacqueline Castel, who set the mood for Blank Dogs’ spooky “Setting Fire To Your House” and These Are Powers’ woodsy “Easy Answers” bonfire. This time we get a warping beach sequences and a cultish triangle/pyramid’s eye treasure hunt for “Highspeed Drift,” a fuzzed-out swirl of lo-fi psychedelia from the Brooklyn-based ex-Ariel Pink band member’s second album Horribles Parade. Sonically, you might hear echoes of fellow New Yorker Blank Dogs: The two have a collaboration called Roman Soldiers and Mike “Blank Dogs” Sniper released Gary War’s Galactic Citizens12″, so you’re not hearing things. They also share a penchant for covering their faces. At least some of the time.

Horribles Parade is out via Sacred Bones. Keep your eyes peeled for a Woodsist 12″ EP. Until then, there are plenty of sounds at MySpace.